GYM - 2015-28

Saturday 19th November. Bus @ 4.40pm from H5 St Aldates — Abingdon Gym Club.

Both beginners and experienced gymnasts of all abilities assemble to win points for their college in the hope of getting a drink out of a tarnished old cup. Sign up here!

You can do a vault (either to piled up mats or over the traditional table with a springboard or a trampette) and any eight moves on floor – for example, a full spin, a split leap cat leap, a handstand forward roll, one armed cartwheel, a back walkover, a round off. Don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form or social media if you have any questions and come down to training in the meantime for some practice and any routine-related advice!

Bring your friends to support you, to enjoy the foam pit and the gymnastics skillz on show,  and to compete if you can persuade them – your college wins by points simply by participation – and then we’ll have lots of social fun afterwards.

GYM - 2015-24

It’s gonna be lit. Just sayin’