General Apparatus Training

Our general apparatus training session is held once a week at Iffley Road Sports Centre in the sports hall.

We roll out a large floor space, wheel out the pommel horse and vault, and hang up the rings. There are also lots of safety mats and coach Chris often pumps up his air track for us to practise our tumbling skills on.

In the past, our more experienced gymnasts have been limited to working on their basic skills at Iffley, but the new equipment we’ve purchased over the past few years has allowed our gymnasts to continue to progress at a faster rate and reach their full potential.

Iffley Road Sports Centre

Iffley Rd,




Iffley is a short walk or cycle from most Oxford colleges in the city centre so our general apparatus training session is a great opportunity for beginners to get a taste of the sport before committing to the bus journey to Abingdon GC.

For the most up-to-date training times, please see our term card in the main navigation menu.