Freaky Fourth Week

Fourth week is on the horizon – we’re nearly half way through term, which means it’s HALLOWEEN and not long until Cuppers!

We’ve got a nice long Saturday session coming up tomorrow (29th Oct), meet us at the H5 bus stop on St Aldates at 4.40, and then H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n training on Monday night 9-10.30 at Iffley. Feel free to dress up – I’ve never seen a cartwheeling pumpkin before but it would be very cool 😀

CUPPERS will be held at Abingdon Gym during one of our usual training sessions on Saturday 19th November (6th week). We’re always welcoming beginners and new members to any of our sessions and Cuppers is a great way to get involved. You really really don’t need to be strong or flexible to have a lot of fun and surprise yourself by trying some new skills! In fact, simply by being there and taking part, you’ll win valuable points for your college so do persuade as many of your friends as possible to come along 🙂 There’s a trophy up for grabs!

GYM - 2015-28