The club has a committee to organise training, events and socials, as well as run the administrative side of the club. These excellent people are:

President: Natalie Liu  (Queens)
Secretary: Jamie Carpenter (Worcester)
Treasurer: Sadie Robertson (University)
Women’s Captain: Leanne Smith (St John’s)
Men’s Captain: Sid Baines  (Oriel)
IT & Publicity Officer: Alex Koziell (Lincoln)
Sponsorship Officer: Megan Gosling (University)

Currently open positions:
Social Secretary

(Last Committee’s Bios: to be updated soon!)


Serena is a fourth year Oriental Studies finalist at Queens College. Last year as Women’s Captain, she led the Women’s A team to a historic third place at BUCS and a resounding victory over Cambridge at Varsity. Serena has been a gymnast for fifteen years and still judges for her home gym, Birmingham Flames. When not flipping around, she plays the violin, enjoys making scrapbooks and eating cucumber.



Gabbie is a third year PPEist at Lady Margaret Hall and her love for gymnastics began at the age of four. She has continued to develop this by recently qualifying as a level two women’s artistic gymnastics coach. When not in the gym she enjoys cheerleading, eating chocolate and watching cat videos.



James is a third year physicist at Christ Church.



Beth is a third year Classicist at Univ. With a background in elite gymnastics and dance, when she’s not flipping, jumping or spinning she enjoys a good bit of baking, hanging out with friends and praising Jesus at St Aldates church every week.


Rusheb is a fourth year Materials Scientist at Mansfield. Having started aged 19, he is glad to have discovered that you don’t need to be 4 years old to take up gymnastics! He was reborn as the _Flaming Dragon_ (you can call him ‘FD’) after struggling through a particularly spicy curry after training one day, and continues to follow the ways of spicy food and gymnastics in the hope of one day achieving his final form: Ultimate Plasma Dragon.


Katrina is a second year Classicist at Magdalen and enjoys procrastinating from Greek verbs by watching videos on the gyminternet and practising pistol squats.  She started gymnastics at the age of four, after a trampolining coach encouraged her to stick to sports on the ground, and has remained training and coaching at Blackpool Gymnastics Club for fifteen years. She also runs around fields and plays classical guitar.



Natalie is a second year PPEist at Queens College.



Noah is a 2nd year Biochemist at St Peter’s and can pop the best worm of anyone he knows. Buy him: The Doom Bar and avocado bagel combo at spoons.