Upside-down Oxford

Check out our webpage and Facebook album as we aim to snap a handstand picture in every college before the end of term and before International Handstand Day on June 25th – bingo!

Come, join us and send us your photos via facebook, email ( or twitter using the hashtag #upsidedownoxford. There’s extra points if you can photobomb your tutor or a porter! If you’re a keen instagrammer and have a favourite #OxfordObject that incorporates gymnastics then do tag us in it! Let’s see the famous sights of Oxford from a completely different perspective.


Somerville-Jesus Ball performance

It’s been a busy start to term but we’re welcoming summer in style at OU Gym, and were pleased to strut our skills at Somerville-Jesus Ball. We put together a few sets to fit in with their ‘Surrealism’ theme based on backing tracks relating to ‘dreams’.

Footage was quite hard to record due to the lighting, but here is what we’ve managed to cobble together! We had a great time rehearsing and planning for the event, and if anyone is inspired to join or get in touch we would welcome your comments.

With thanks to the Somerville-Jesus Ball Committee, our coach Chris and all our helpers photographing and recording!

Music: ‘Mombasa Suite’ from the Inception Soundtrack, we do not own rights to this track. Our thanks to Hans Zimmer and Warner Bros.

The gymnasts had a great night and hope the audience enjoyed seeing us!


Serena Chang, Emilie Heddle, Beth Andrew, Katrina Kelly, Liza Hadley, Brittany Garcia, Sadie Robertson, Lottie Till, Becky Stroud and Linde Wester (our fantastic wheel performer).

AGM – This week!

Calling all members or potential members, please come along to our Annual General meeting this Saturday (14th May)!

It will be a friendly and inclusive process where we will be able to discuss all things related to the Club, sport and people and most of all can listen to your feedback.

Please submit any motions you would like to discuss here:

Live agenda will be updated here:

Don’t forget if you want to amend the Constitution, now’s your chance. The current version is found on this site, at

Come one, come all, there will be snacks and a wonderful view of the high street!

Email me if you have any questions,





Welcome everyone to Trinity 2016!

We have a really great term lined up, and are so excited for Summer and all that will be going on at the gym club.

Some highlights and dates for your diaries:

  • Blues Presentation Evening – come and celebrate our success on Thursday 1st week (28 April, Oxford Town Hall)
  • Annual General Meeting on Saturday 3rd week, 5pm – all members welcome!
  • End of year dinner at The Varsity Club, black tie and great food not to mention great entertainment, Friday 4th week

And of course, training will be on as normal with our regular dinner/Wetherspoons stops afterwards. If you’ve forgotten the times, they’re laid out on our Training page.

It’s never too late to come down, and with such a great calendar of events you don’t want to miss out before the end of the year!

We have updated the Term Card page and it looks like it’s going to be a whopper. Check it out!


Feel free to contact any of the new committee with questions. Otherwise keep following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sending in any contributions you may have.

Happy 0th week,




Follow us on Twitter

OU Gym now has Twitter so please follow us at (you’ve guessed it) @ougym for all the updates, pictures, videos and amazing gymnastics you need to brighten up your feed! We can promise cute and embarrassing throwbacks, news about upcoming social events and training, and a rip-o-meter (coming soon)…

New committee for 2016/17

We have been voting over the Easter bank holiday and the results are in! The new committee is:

President: Serena Chang (Queens)
Secretary: Gabbie Swycher (Lady Margaret Hall)
Treasurer: James Tricker  (Christ Church)
Women’s Captain: Beth Andrew (University)
Men’s Captain: Rusheb Shah (Mansfield)
IT & Publicity Officer: Katrina Kelly (Magdalen)
Social Secretary: Natalie Liu (Queens)

Congratulations to everyone who was elected and also a huge thank you to everyone who put their name forward.


It’s the end of term and the Gymnastics Club are really pleased to be finishing it on a high in the aftermath of this year’s Varsity competition against Cambridge.

It’s really been an amazing year for the squad, and first off huge congratulations must go to the superstars who battled injury, illness, Cambridge, cuts, bruises, fatigue, essays, labs and Nat’s driving to make it past the final hurdle in one piece.

Special mentions also go to the gymnasts who managed to achieve Blues this year: Eric LeGresley, Serena Chang, Brittany Lee Garcia, Caitlin O’Brien and Katrina Kelly (half).

It was an immense day at Birmingham University Sports Centre. First off, the Men’s team driven by Aidan somehow managed to arrive over half an hour late (actually to this day I haven’t actually had an explanation) but soon warm up was well out the way, the judges were briefed, the gymnasts were lined up and Edgar had not yet put a shirt on. We had four hours to get everything through and finished, which meant there were multiple events happening at the same time, and our spectators did a grand job of cheering us on. There were many highs and lows and astounding performances – astounding for all sorts of different reasons – but overall everyone did themselves proud and we hope had a really great day.

Highlights include:

  • The Women’s A team WINNING by a massive 20 mark margin. Girls, you have been an absolute pleasure to captain this year and I hope this victory goes a small way to paying your hard work tribute. After everything you’ve put into this season and all that we’ve been through together I can honestly say you are the toughest lot out there and you’ve done me proud. Congratulations!

Photo credit to Christian Vaquero

  • Individual medals being awarded to: Serena Chang (gold, Women’s A), Brittany Lee Garcia (silver, Women’s A), Caitlin O’Brien (bronze, Women’s A), Gabbie Swycher (gold, Women’s B), and Becky Stroud (bronze, Women’s B). There were some whopping apparatus scores and placings too, full results can be seen here:

29th Varsity Gymnastics results- 2016

  • Seeing the Men’s team all smart and scrubbed up in their navy leotards. Although the Cambridge men were a pretty strong lot, our men did us proud and learnt an awful lot. Eric also placed fourth individually and many a new skill were tried out by everyone. We will keep training and be back next year!


  • Some top floor routines from the Women’s B team, which included Hairspray (Emilie), Step up (Becky) and Taylor Swift (Nat) as well as Gabbie’s soaring twelve-point-something score to round off a really solid day of work. You go girls!



To give you an idea of the sass level

  • Britt completing a whole day of routines on injured ankles, who needs a boot and crutches anyway?! Cambridge were actually so inspired that they featured her on their Twitter feed, with the caption ‘SHE’S INJURED HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE’. We agree, you’re magical Britt!
  • Liza dragging herself out of bed despite being so ill that she had not been able to leave it for the previous week. Again, you’re a trooper.
  • Clare-Marie being an overall superb individual and producing a stellar set of routines leaving her with mammoth final scores. It was so lovely to have you along and you did yourself proud.
  • Aidan displaying his muscles for all to see during his Rings routine.

I could continue to babble on  about how great everyone was, but I will leave it with our Facebook album, as I think the photos speak for themselves. Final thank yous must go to all the judges (you are wonderful), Cambridge for a fab day, Birmingham University, Sophie Cheng for photos, the awesome spectators from the Oxford side whose support was invaluable, the outgoing Committee for a terrific effort and all my other little helpers (ie my sister who took orders from me all day without only minor complaints). I hope it was a reflection of how much this sport and the universities have to offer and cannot wait to see everyone back in the gym soon. Moreover, we look forward to a very exciting term up ahead and suitable celebrations back in Oxford.

For our full album see here:

Thanks to Sophie Cheng for photography ( There’s a selection of her work here:

Lots of love,

Serena (Women’s Captain 2015-16).