Same venue, new time, still lots of sweat!

The title pretty much says it all. All new for MT 2016: you can burn calories and finish in time for a well-earned Hall dinner!

Our popular FREE conditioning sessions will again be running this Michaelmas at St Catz’s Squash Courts. After a bit of negotiating schedules we can confirm that this hour of bouncing, burning, toning, beasting and all-round conditioning will take place at 5-6pm on WEDNESDAYS!

Anyone and everyone can come, any ability, whether you want to come to other gym sessions or not, it’s a great way to fit in an hour’s exercise during your busy schedule! There is often a different leader each week so the moves vary but whether it’s Mash’s cardio circuits, Beth’s plyometrics and stretching or Serena’s deceptively difficult core conditioning, you’re sure to have a full body workout and build the strength/flexibility to help you learn new tricks.


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