Somerville-Jesus Ball performance

It’s been a busy start to term but we’re welcoming summer in style at OU Gym, and were pleased to strut our skills at Somerville-Jesus Ball. We put together a few sets to fit in with their ‘Surrealism’ theme based on backing tracks relating to ‘dreams’.

Footage was quite hard to record due to the lighting, but here is what we’ve managed to cobble together! We had a great time rehearsing and planning for the event, and if anyone is inspired to join or get in touch we would welcome your comments.

With thanks to the Somerville-Jesus Ball Committee, our coach Chris and all our helpers photographing and recording!

Music: ‘Mombasa Suite’ from the Inception Soundtrack, we do not own rights to this track. Our thanks to Hans Zimmer and Warner Bros.

The gymnasts had a great night and hope the audience enjoyed seeing us!


Serena Chang, Emilie Heddle, Beth Andrew, Katrina Kelly, Liza Hadley, Brittany Garcia, Sadie Robertson, Lottie Till, Becky Stroud and Linde Wester (our fantastic wheel performer).