Cuppers Results!!

Well done to everyone who competed yesterday and did their colleges/university proud! Thanks so much to our judges Serena Chang, Miriam Reason and Matt Bullimore, and all the gymnasts for being amazing 🙂 Lots of pictures and videos to follow, but for now here’s the all important scores – huge congratulations to Univ, led to victory single handedly by Beth Andrew!

Cuppers Results 2016


GYM - 2015-28

Saturday 19th November. Bus @ 4.40pm from H5 St Aldates — Abingdon Gym Club.

Both beginners and experienced gymnasts of all abilities assemble to win points for their college in the hope of getting a drink out of a tarnished old cup. Sign up here!

You can do a vault (either to piled up mats or over the traditional table with a springboard or a trampette) and any eight moves on floor – for example, a full spin, a split leap cat leap, a handstand forward roll, one armed cartwheel, a back walkover, a round off. Don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form or social media if you have any questions and come down to training in the meantime for some practice and any routine-related advice!

Bring your friends to support you, to enjoy the foam pit and the gymnastics skillz on show,  and to compete if you can persuade them – your college wins by points simply by participation – and then we’ll have lots of social fun afterwards.

GYM - 2015-24

It’s gonna be lit. Just sayin’

Freaky Fourth Week

Fourth week is on the horizon – we’re nearly half way through term, which means it’s HALLOWEEN and not long until Cuppers!

We’ve got a nice long Saturday session coming up tomorrow (29th Oct), meet us at the H5 bus stop on St Aldates at 4.40, and then H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n training on Monday night 9-10.30 at Iffley. Feel free to dress up – I’ve never seen a cartwheeling pumpkin before but it would be very cool 😀

CUPPERS will be held at Abingdon Gym during one of our usual training sessions on Saturday 19th November (6th week). We’re always welcoming beginners and new members to any of our sessions and Cuppers is a great way to get involved. You really really don’t need to be strong or flexible to have a lot of fun and surprise yourself by trying some new skills! In fact, simply by being there and taking part, you’ll win valuable points for your college so do persuade as many of your friends as possible to come along 🙂 There’s a trophy up for grabs!

GYM - 2015-28

Somersaulting through Second Week!

Well done to everyone who has survived their first two weeks of Michaelmas term and congratulations especially to those freshers who are now successfully Matriculated! You may have seen Serena’s email about the sessions this week but all the times are here as well 😀

Training is on again tonight (Monday) at Iffley Rd, 9pm-10.30pm in the main sports hall: do come along for a structured session feat. basics, some tumbling, and rings!

Conditioning will be at Christ Church Squash Courts at 5-6pm this Wednesday: a great way to prepare your body for our first S O C I A L of the term, with drinks and fun at The Varsity Club starting at 8pm. Everyone welcome, regardless of whether you’ve come to any training yet!

Then we’re back to training at Abingdon on Thursday night and Saturday afternoon: all the details about times and bus passes are on our Times page. Just a reminder that if you’ve already had your two free sessions you need to pay your £17 insurance and choose if you’re going to pay annually, termly, or per session. The membership form is here and bank transfers paid to Oxford University Gymnastics Club, 90140546, 20-65-20.

Have a great week!!


Sadie Robertson (right) and her mum, thirty years apart, but together winning our #upsidedownoxfordonvac competition! We always love to see your gym-pics 🙂

Just a quick notice

As you may have seen from the email sent round last night, we’ve unfortunately had to CANCEL our conditioning session tonight (Wednesday) – but don’t worry, we’ll be back next week!

Due to gym inductions, the 2nd week session (19th October) will be held at Christ Church Squash Courts. Then, weeks 3-8 will be back to normal, 5-6 at St Catz Squash Courts! Sorry for the confusion but looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for our first Abingdon session (and, of course, the sunny autumn weather means you can all go condition outside tonight :))

Welcome to Freshers!

Welcome to Freshers Week 2016 – it’s finally here! You’ll be able to catch us at Freshers Fair in Exam Schools over the next few days, so just look out for this snazzy banner and come sign up


There’s no training whilst you’re settling in this week, so our first session will be next Monday (9th October) at Iffley Rd Sports Centre: from 9-10.30pm we’ll be warming up, practising some basic moves with mats, springboards, mini beam, mushroom, rings, and hopefully an air track too so we can learn to bounce. Everyone is welcome – whether you’ve done anything like gymnastics before or not – and no need to pay because you get the first two sessions free!

In the meantime, check out our Promo video for some of the cool things we get up to. There’s loads of reasons to do sport at Oxford (meet friendly new people, have some downtime, great facilities and coaches, helps you concentrate for work) and these are all true for gymnastics: but more than that, we can offer you proper fun, both in and outside of training! You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn and improve, how much stronger you’ll get (and you can work on flexibility/stamina too because Gym really is an all-around workout), and how much you can enjoying flying and somersaulting into a foam pit!


It’s under a week to go until Freshers’ 2016 and we couldn’t be more excited! All the details about training sessions, venues, times, membership can be found on the website and will form part of the blog next week.


Last year’s Christmas dinner

Check out the new Term Card and you’ll see that we have loads of great events coming up!

And there’s plenty of gymnastics too! Come down to training as many times as you like during the week and encourage college friends to come along as well – read all about Cuppers Competition on Saturday 19th November and prepare to battle it out on the floor or the bar…