Gymnastics Myths

It’s been great fun meeting everyone this week at Fresher’s Fair. On speaking to lots of people there seems to be quite a few recurrent misconceptions about gymnastics that are quite commonly held. Many of people who would otherwise be interested in signing up were needlessly put off so we thought we’d set the record straight on a few points.

Fact #1: You don’t need any experience
We take people of all abilities and our members have a wide range of abilities. We cater to all levels so whether you want to train for competitions or just keep fit and learn new skills, we are the club for you

Fact #2: You don’t need to be flexible
Although it’s true that many gymnasts are very flexible, it is not a prerequisite to being good at gymnastics. Gym is such a broad sport and there are many skills and disciplines where flexibility makes no difference. Gymnastics is also the ideal way of improving flexibility in a safe environment and with regularly practise it is something that should improve naturally over time. The benefits of be flexible improve your general fitness and make you less prone to injuries.

Fact #3: You don’t have to make a huge commitment
We’re a very laid back team and we understand that people have other commitments. Obviously it’s the more the merrier at training but as a club made up of adults in a highly academic environment there is absolutely no pressure to come to more sessions than you want to or have the time for. If you are unsure about paying the full termly fees then, as of this year, we are offering pay as you go sessions (details here) which should make it easier and more cost effective for those with other commitments.