Join Us

We are an informal, friendly club and we welcome members of all levels and abilities! There is no requirement to make any training commitments and you can come to as many or as few sessions as you please.

Please note, you must be at least 18 years of age to join the club.

Insurance: in order to train, you need British Gymnastics Insurance. You can join for the first time or renew your membership for the year for £19 which is paid directly to British Gymnastics. Please follow the link below…

Fees: Due to uncertainty with regards to COVID-19, we are operating under a different fee structure for the year 2020/21. Instead of a term/yearly membership that allows you to go for as many sessions as you like, all sessions will now be pay-as-you-go with an additional termly membership fee should you wish to go for sessions that term.

Due to the current lockdown, we are not offering any in-person sessions for the remainder of Michaelmas term. Instead, we will be holding online conditioning and socials, open to anyone who has purchased a membership. Memberships purchased during Michaelmas term will be extended for free until the end of Hilary Term.

Please fill up the membership form below if wish to join us. Memberships purchased will last until the end of Hilary Term.


Upfront termly membership price (You need to be a member in order to book and pay for sessions) :
£12 if you are directly affiliated to Oxford university
£15 if you are a Oxford Brookes Student
£18 otherwise

Cost per session:
£2 for a Monday Session
£3.50 for a Thursday* Session
£5.50 for a Saturday Session
Tuesday* conditioning sessions are FREE (provided you are a termly member)

*We hope to restart Tuesday and Thursday sessions later during the term

British Gymnastics Insurance:
£19 for the whole year (purchased after 31st Oct)

Please follow our Facebook page for more updates.

Bank transfers can be made to Oxford University Gymnastics Club (bank details here).

We really look forward to welcoming you to OUGym!