Merry Michaelmas!

We’ve hit the end of our term, and I hope everyone is looking forward to some well earned rest at some point in the Christmas period. My main message is to say a big thank you to all our members and friends for having such a great time with us. I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves!

Right from when we met some of you for the first time at Freshers Fair, and then caught up with returning members back at training, I’ve been so pleased by the amount of enthusiasm on show. Skills are shaping up really nicely and I hope you’ve had fun whatever it is you’re working on. It was lovely to gather together and enjoy the wonderful view from the Varsity Club during our Freshers’ Welcome Drinks or the food at Maxwells for our Christmas Dinner

wow the crowds at the Oxford University Sciences Ball


Mollie just chillin mid-air

and show off all manners of really important skills during our protein shake themed team-building challenge night.


What a planche Tom! (Or is it a worm?)

I’ve been impressed plenty of times, for certain.

Training attendance has been great, and we will be continuing next term with Mondays at Iffley, Thursdays and Saturdays at Abingdon and a new conditioning session on Tuesdays. Whatever your preference, I hope you feel encouraged to come (back) down! You can join us at any point during the year.

One big thank you must go to Mash, who has coached our Thursday sessions for the last couple of years and will unfortunately be leaving us after Christmas. Your enthusiasm and unfailing drive is an inspiration to all areas of my degree, and you are able to cheer me up when I am coming to gym for relief of any other stress. You are incredibly hard working and kind and we will certainly miss you very much. I hope you’ll pop back soon and see us, but we’re all rooting for you and make sure to look after yourself.


Thanks so much Mash – stylish in stash as always!

If any qualified gymnastics coaches based in Oxfordshire are looking for an exciting opportunity to get involved with us, or if any readers know of somebody who fits the above description please do get in touch with me (; we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Our Cuppers competition was also a treat for me, to see everybody coming together and giving it a go. My thanks go to our judges, photographer and supporters for helping to pull together a very enjoyable day and complete our very cool #MannequinChallenge – check it out HERE!!

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to the competition season next term. We will keep reminders coming for next term’s dates. It’s definitely going to be jam-packed as ever, so all that remains is to wish you all a brilliant Christmas in the run up to that. You’re all stars!

All the best,