Welcome to Freshers!

Welcome to Freshers Week 2016 – it’s finally here! You’ll be able to catch us at Freshers Fair in Exam Schools over the next few days, so just look out for this snazzy banner and come sign up


There’s no training whilst you’re settling in this week, so our first session will be next Monday (9th October) at Iffley Rd Sports Centre: from 9-10.30pm we’ll be warming up, practising some basic moves with mats, springboards, mini beam, mushroom, rings, and hopefully an air track too so we can learn to bounce. Everyone is welcome – whether you’ve done anything like gymnastics before or not – and no need to pay because you get the first two sessions free!

In the meantime, check out our Promo video for some of the cool things we get up to. There’s loads of reasons to do sport at Oxford (meet friendly new people, have some downtime, great facilities and coaches, helps you concentrate for work) and these are all true for gymnastics: but more than that, we can offer you proper fun, both in and outside of training! You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn and improve, how much stronger you’ll get (and you can work on flexibility/stamina too because Gym really is an all-around workout), and how much you can enjoying flying and somersaulting into a foam pit!