Cuppers Report 2015

Photos thanks to Jacob Barrell

My ‘match report’ of the annual Gymnastics Cuppers competition would essentially be a list of thank yous. We trialled a new format this year, and it was great to watch that unfold into such a successful evening! The main thing is that I hope everyone had a great time.

THANK YOU #1: To all the wonderful gymnasts who participated. It was great to get a crowd down to Abingdon and to watch them showing off such a wide variety of skills on both floor and vault. Everyone has made fantastic progress this term and we were impressed on so many levels!

THANK YOU #2: To our judges who had the pleasure of watching routines and the horrible task of putting them in the right order.

THANK YOU #3: To Beth and the Committee who put in the work organising, publicising and preparing for the event. It couldn’t have happened without you!

While I offer huge congratulations to Queen’s, this years’ champions for their great effort I would also like to stress that there was so much more to this day than the scores. I was really pleased that so many people with such a range of gymnastic training were all able to come along and take part. You should all be proud.

If there are any questions about the judging, scoring, system or just general feedback on how you guys found it please get back to us! For those who are interested, scores can be found here: Gymnastics Cuppers 2015 Results

For anyone who didn’t make it this time, we would still be very happy to see you at any of our training sessions. Cuppers this year has shown us much you really can achieve alongside a busy Oxford schedule regardless of how much gym you’ve done before. We hope to see you soon!

-Serena Chang, Women’s Captain


For more photos, see our Facebook album!