Upside-down Oxford

Hidden behind the walls of Oxford’s many colleges, students are hard at work – revising for Prelims, finishing dPhil theses, and, most importantly, practising their gymnastics. Train insane or stay the same, right? Anywhere can become a gym venue – a patch of lawn, a stone bridge, a library desk…
Snap your handstands, your workouts, your splits – turn Oxford flipping mad! We will tweet you, stick them on the gymsta and use the hashtag #upsidedownoxford. You might even make OUGym postcards that we can sell and use at freshers’ fairs!

It’s a race to cross off as many colleges and famous Oxford sights as you can, and there are bonus points too! Can you include Bob the porter? What about your tutor? Photobomb the Master?


Current count; 38/38 COMPLETED!!

Our photos: