Safety Briefing

Please read this before partaking in sport with our club:

Gymnastics is a great sport and a fun way to get a muscular, toned body. But, it also presents a very real risk of injury. Gymnasts can be injured by colliding with or falling off equipment. Injuries can also occur during floor exercises. Most injuries are relatively minor; sprained ankles or pulled muscles are relatively common. To help keep things safe during practice and competitions and hopefully avoid any injury, please follow these tips:

  • Warm up before every session and warm down at the end. It is important that your body and muscles are warm so that you do not pull anything or ache too much the following day.
  • Remove socks, shoes. This will reduce any risk of you slipping.
  • Do not wear baggy clothing or jewellery. This will reduce any risk of your jewellery or clothing getting caught on any equipment and make it easier for coaches to support you; as well as reducing the risk of injuring yourself with the jewellery.
  • Do not participate if you have an injury that will hinder your ability to do so. Tell a coach or committee member if you do have any injuries before any given session.
  • If you are unsure of a move, get a coach to spot you. Do not do anything you are not sure of or have not done before without help
  • Do not attempt anything that is above your skill level.

Check the area around you and equipment to make sure it is safe for use and does not have anything dangerous around that you may injure yourself on. Make sure you know where the fire exits are in case of an emergency and the procedure if there is a fire.